June 2023

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Poda Poda (June 2023)

New dates for the additional performances of Poda Poda: Sep 13, Sep 24, Oct 7, Oct 28, Nov 29, Dec 29, Jan 31. Our June's performances were received with enthusiasm so we added six more. Following the "Line" (May 2022), Wan Roof Theater's next production is "Poda Poda" (June-Dec 2023) written by Wan Roof team and directed by Carlos Velazquez and Bilal Jalloh (BJ). From the 4th of June till the 3st of January (2024), 14 performances in Freetown and 1 in Makeni (28 Oct) and one in Lunsar (4 Nov.). Follow our social media platform for updates regarding additional venues and dates. Admission as always will be "contribute as you can" so the experience is inclusive. Pre-bookings however are essential as the venues are small. 078 442456