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Our Venue

One of our first targets is to establish a permanent venue for all future productions. However, in the mean time we will make do with temporary venues. For Poda Poda June - Dec 2023, join the group for insant updates of all venues and times. Any suggestions for permanent housing will be considered. 

"Poda Poda" performances (additional dates)


Sep 13 (New Alex Bar) 6pm

Sep 24 (Hotel Barmoi) 6pm

Oct 7 (Creative Hub Africa) 6pm

Oct 28 (Makeni: Wusum Hotel)

Nov 29 (New Alex Bar) 6pm

Dec 21 (Creative Hub Africa) 6pm


Venues for June 2023

 4th       ICC   

5th       JesKaMac Bar

6th       Lukefarm Ellay 

7th       New Alex Bar   

8th       Lukefarm Ellay   

9th       Lukes Reggae Farm 

10th     Tacugama