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Bringing back the theater in our lives...

Wan Roof Theater was formed in 2021 with the clear objective of presenting plays on a regular basis for the Sierra Leonean audience. Acknowledging that the theater scene has faded away with very few plays in the last decades, a team of volounteers have joined forces to change all that. Rather than a single production, our aim is to cultivate the environment and create the appetite and the expectations for a sustainable schedule of one (or even two!) plays per year. Although the challenges exist our team’s spirit is high and the input genuine and generous and we are optimistic that our efforts will ultimately bring the result. Follow our journey by supporting our plays’ productions as these will be announced in regular intervals.

Our next play...

Our first play "Line" was presented in May 2022 in Freetown. Our new production "Poda Poda" will be presnted from June 2023 till Jan 2024. Join the group for updates on venues and times.

the magic of the stage...

"Poda Poda" performances (additional dates)


Sep 13 (New Alex Bar) 6pm

Sep 24 (Hotel Barmoi) 6pm

Oct 7 (Creative Hub Africa) 6pm

Oct 28 (Makeni: Wusum Hotel)

Nov 29 (New Alex Bar) 6pm

Dec 29 (Mango Complex)

Jan 31 (2024) (New Alex Bar) 6pm

-end of production-


First cycle, June 2023

4th       FICC  

5th       JesKaMac Bar

6th       Lukefarm Ellay

7th       New Alex Bar   

8th       Lukefarm Ellay   

9th       Lukes Reggae Farm 

10th     Tacugama     

How to get involved

The first and foremost way is to support our performances by watching them and telling your friends about them. If you want to join our teams (either the support teams, or the performers) we would love to have you. Of course, for the performing team there will be auditions, scheduled and announced in regular intervals. But there is so much more you can contribute besides acting.

contact us at gd065@hotmail.com